Karen Artists Call for Diaspora to Keep Its Culture Alive

The renowned Karen artist, Saw Kyaw La Thein, while on a visit to Australia called on the Karen diaspora to preserve Karen culture.

Saw Kyaw La Thein was attending an event, on September 6, that showcased traditional Karen music, dance that was organized by the Karen community in Sydney.

“The Karen language, literacy and customs are the blood and life of Karen people. The Karen people will continue to exist only by preserving these customs,” Saw Kyaw Law Thein said in an interview with Karen News. Saw Kyaw La Thein was at the cultural event, held in the city of Sydney’s suburb of Lidcombe, with a group of Karen artists from Burma.

“I call all Karen people in Australia to preserve our traditional culture.”

Karen artists who took part in event included – Saw Aung Du, Saw AC, Saw Du Du, Saw Pi Pi, Saw Hseh Nay Say, Saw Phyo Wai Kyaw, Saw Si Lay, Ahkyinna Thomas, Nadi Pawt Awa, Mee Mee Keh with her mother Naw Paw Wah.

Both modern and traditional music was played in Pwo and Sgaw Karen language as well as Burmese and English at the event.

Naw Thoo Lei Paw, who attended the ceremony, told Karen News.

“It is a pleasure to see the reunion with the Karen artists who cherish and preserve our tradition and fine arts from our country of Myanmar in such like this place,” she said.

Karen refugees who had resettled to Australia, representatives from Karen society, fellow Australians from Sydney, and Australians from other ethnic nations inside Burma, including Karenni, Mon, Shan, and Kachin, joined the event.

The Karen community in Perth made arrangement and organized the Karen Triangle Music Band to come entertain fellow Karen communities in Australia and the band arrived on August 8.

A total of eight cultural events were organized in Australia’s major cities including Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra.

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