KNU’s grand forum brings all different Karen armed groups together in a public forum aimed at forging unity in fighting the military dictatorship

Before and after the 2021 coup, KNLA brigades had policy differences, and the DKBA (Karen Buddhist Army) and the KNLA-PC are breakaway factions from the KNU, who at various timeshad been bitter enemies. Padoh Saw Hla Tun the KNU’s General Secretary number 2 told KIC “ This meeting was held with the aim of informing the people about the political…

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Thai villagers have been ordered to evacuate due to the threat of cross-border shells straying into Thai territory

Military Council troops based in Phalu Phaya Hill have been bombarding the area day and night with artillery since November 7 close to the border .This inevitably leads to villages on the Thai side fearing some stray artillery shells falling and exploding around homes. A resident of Molychai village on the Thai side revealed that, “the villagers are worried, and…

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KNU captures 3 Military Council bases and seized a massive haul of arms and ammunition

On November 12, the KNLA’s 9th and 7th battalions jointly attacked the Military Council&’s Thansate base in the 7th battalion’s territory and the Bawkahtar and Tontatar bases in the 9th battalion’s territory. The KNU statement listed their haul : 8 MA-type guns and 3070 bullets, 2 9 mm pistols, an 81 mm gun and 68 bullet rounds, five 60 mm…

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Junta soldiers sprays bullets and runs riot in Karen village after three military gunned down by Peoples Defence Team in Thaton

Three military including the deputy battalion commander were killed which then led to angry reprisals against Winsein villagers in Thaton later the same day. In the aftermath of the shooting, an 80-strong Military Council unit entered Winsein village Thaton at 3pm ,spraying bullets, and firing randomly in all directions forcing the villagers to flee for their lives. One of the…

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Conference of 18 ethnic youth groups pledge to support a revolution based on building a peaceful federal union hosted by KYO

The conference took place on November 5-6 th inside KNU-held territory in Win Ye Township, Dupala District Karen State. KYO Chairman Saw Pho Khwa Do reported that “Karen, Mon, Bamar and 15 other ethnic groups were represented at this forum, which was focused on: How to cooperate to build a peaceful future based on a Federal Union ? Other questions…

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4 Junta soldiers killed in attack on military academy in Than Daung Gyi

“ We heard gunshots around 3 or 4am in the morning. It has calmed down even now we still don’t dare to leave the house,” a resident told KIC around 10am. The Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and the People’s Defence Forces (PDF) jointly attacked the military academy’s security gate. A person close to the joint forces said that 4…

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Military Council and its joint forces killed 13 civilians in one month

After the fighting between the joint forces of the Military Council and BGF (Border Guard Forces) and the KNLA (Karen National Liberation Army , and Karen National Defense Organization allied forces, the Military Council then launched air force attacks and artillery shelling on residential areas, causing many civilian casualties detailed in KNU’s November 6 th report. KNU said that in…

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The Military Council’s offensives forced more than 5000 residents to flee

Many houses were set ablaze, many of their cattle have been killed, and over 5000 people have been displaced and forced to flee. Some people were injured by shrapnel from the shelling. A volunteer helping the war refugees described the scene. “Yesterday they were firing artillery all day. About 100 artillery rounds fell and exploded. Houses in Yan Koat Village…

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7 dead after BGF camp on Kamamaung-Warbotaw Road attacked

The KNLA 1st Brigade and 5th Brigade jointly attacked a camp near Meiktila Village in Hpa-An Township on October 30, where commander Tin Win and his subordinates from the BGF1014 Battalion were stationed. Families of BGF members were also present at the camp and when KNLA attacked the camp. A commander of KNLA 1st Brigade told KIC” some BGF family…

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BGF warned Kawkareik residents must reject any contact with CDM staff and revolutionaries

In Kyondoe of Kawkareik District in Karen State, the Karen Border Guard Forces (BGF) warned locals people not to accept People’s Defense Forces (PDF) and CDM staff. They warned that our villages and wards would be destroyed,if we accepted any PDFs. They also accused PDFs as instigators of riots and that the BGFs are taking care of the community to…

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