Karen State Students Registrations for Matriculation Exams Reduced by Two-Thirds

The Karen State Department of Education estimates student matriculation exam registrations for 2021-2022 academic year are down by two-thirds compared to last year.

Karen State official figures show 5,903 students from seven townships have registered for this year’s matriculation exams.

A source close to the Myawaddy Township Education office explained to Karen News.

“Before the Covid-19 period, there were 1,894 10th grade students in Myawaddy in the 2019-2020 academic year. There were more than 400 outside school candidates. This academic year, there were only 665 candidates, which is two-thirds less than previous year.”

Students boycotting the education system in protest of military rule also contributed to the reduced matriculation exam registration rates.

A Kyarinnseikgyi Township student who refused to register for the matriculation exam under the military dictatorship told Karen News she does not have any trust in the military education system.

“I will only register for the exam when democracy is restored in the country. No matter how long it takes, this is my stand. I have no trust in education under the military dictatorship.”

A head teacher in Kyarinnseikgyi township region told Karen News that this year, no students from his school will register for the matriculation exam.

“In the previous year, we had around 40 students who took the matriculation exam. This year, no students from our school have registered for the matriculation exam. Some students who are due to take the exam are scattered to other places during the [covid-19] pandemic as schools couldn’t open and some students have just refused to take part because of the current political situation.”

In Karen State, the list of candidates for the seven townships area; 2,049 from Hpa-an, 887 from Hlaingbwe, 200 from Thandaunggyi, 242 from Papun, 1,120 from Kawkareik, 740 from Kyainseikgyi and 665 from Myawaddy Townships, with a total of 5,903 students registered for this year matriculation exam. Of these numbers, 4,514 will take the in-school exam and 1,389 will take the outside school exam, according to a statement from the Karen State Education Office.

According to the Karen State Education office, matriculation examination for the 2021-2022 academic year will be held from March 30 to April 9, 2022, and 28 examination centers will be opened in Karen State.

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