Shan State Farmers Network Urges Suspension of Conscription Law

In a statement dated April 1, the Shan State Farmers Network (SSFN) called for an end to the implementation of the Junta-enforced conscription law.

SSFN stated that its request stemmed from concerns that the conscription law, announced by the Junta on February 10, could disrupt the long-standing harmony among ethnic groups, potentially leading to discord and other adverse consequences.

“In the current political situation, the conscription law could endanger people’s lives and create unwelcome challenges. Especially in areas like Tangyan Township with numerous armed groups, its enforcement may impose hardships on the public. Hence, we advocate for the suspension of its implementation”, Nang Lao, an official of SSFN said.

Following the Junta’s implementation of the conscription law, youth in the wards and villages of Tangyan Township, located in northern Shan State, have begun to be forcibly enlisted into military service.

Nang Lao further noted that, due to the conscription law and the scarcity of employment prospects, numerous local youths have fled their homes and sought refuge in border areas and neighboring countries.

“Right now, young people are feeling completely lost. They are considering whether escaping to neighboring countries is their best option. In simple terms, the conscription law is pushing young people to leave Myanmar”, she added.

During the ‘Operation 1027’ period, Tangyan was one of the townships hardest hit by the war, and its residents are currently grappling with the aftermath, which includes disrupted road connections, skyrocketing commodity prices, shortage of jobs, and limited access to healthcare and education.

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