The New Year Starts With Armed Conflict Between Karen and Burma Armies in Northern Karen State

Armed clashes in January 2019 between troops from the Karen National Liberation Army and Burma Army soldiers in Northern Papun District of Karen State. KNLA sources reported that two armed skirmishes happened on January 5 and 13 in the Karen National Union’s controlled Papun (Mutraw) area between the KNLA Brigade 5 and Burma Army units operating in the area. Major…

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Karen Groups Express Solidarity with Jailed Kachin Activists

The Karen Peace Support Network put out a statement condemning the conviction and jailing of three Kachin peace activists claiming the action is designed to silence the criticism of Myanmar’s military and its abuses. The three Kachin activists, Lum Zawng, Nang Pu and Zau Jat were involved in protests to demand the military allow trapped civilians safe passage from the…

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