Deadly assault on Thantada checkpoint claims lives of two Military Council soldiers

The Thantada (Iron Bridge) checkpoint, controlled by the Military Council and situated near the border of Kyaikto and Bilin townships in Thaton District, a region falls within the jurisdiction of the 1st Brigade of the Karen National Union (KNU), was targeted in an assault by joint forces led by the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), resulting in the death of two Military Council troops, according to KNU sources.

On May 31st, a skirmish broke out at approximately 5:30 AM between the joint forces, led by KNLA 3rd Battalion, and the Military Council. The conflict persisted for nearly two hours before coming to an end. According to a local official from KNU, as a result of the battle, two individuals from the Military Council side lost their lives, while four others sustained severe injuries.

“In the ground battle initiated by the joint forces led by KNLA, both sides engaged in active firefights, utilizing small arms and artillery. During the fight, our joint forces witnessed 5 comrades sustaining injuries, but there is nothing to concern”, he told KIC.

Following the conclusion of the battle, Military Council outposts situated in Winpyan and Aloo villages within Bilin Township discharged a minimum of six artillery rounds, and one of these rounds detonated within a residential compound in the eastern part of Aloo village.

“An artillery shell landed within the compound of U Sein Hla Aung’s residence. Fortunately, as the compound is designated for orchards, there were no injuries reported, and the house remained unharmed”, a Bilin resident said.

Amidst the fighting, the Yangon-Mawlamyine Road witnessed a significant build-up of traffic, with hundreds of cars caught in congestion.

The Thatada checkpoint, targeted by the KNLA in the attack, had been previously involved in indiscriminate firing and shelling of neighboring residential areas, resulting in unfortunate civilian fatalities and injuries.

KNLA-led joint forces have been carrying out ground assaults on the checkpoint while intermittently employing drone attacks, resulting in significant losses for the troops of the Military Council.

On March 20th, the joint forces executed two drone bombing attacks targeting the checkpoint. Tragically, that same night, two Karawayseik villagers lost their lives due to the artillery shells unleashed by the Military Council.

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