Nine Casualties, Including Battalion Commander, in Attack on Kanelay and Mawkhee Military Camp

Lieutenant Colonel Saw El Myat Htoo from the Karen National Defense Organization (KNDO) Security Battalion 8 has reported that a total of nine casualties, including a battalion commander, were targeted in an attack by joint revolutionary forces on the Kanelay and Mawkhee military camp controlled by the Military Council. The incident took place on May 23 in the southern part of Myawaddy Township, Karen State.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Saw El Myat Htoo, the Kanelay and Mawkhee military camps were attacked by the joint forces consisting of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) 201 Battalion, KNDO Battalion 8, and Federal Wings Drone. The attack resulted in the casualties of nine individuals from the military camps, which had around 100 troops stationed there.

“At the Kanelay hill-based camp, there have been 9 casualties, including the battalion commander. However, it is uncertain how many of them were killed and how many were injured. According to villagers, 5 troops were injured at the Mawkhee camp. The Kanelay camp houses approximately 60 troops, while Mawkhee has around 40,” he told KIC.

Today, the Federal Wings announced that on May 23, they conducted simultaneous attacks on the Military Council’s Waw Lay tactical command center, Mawkhee camp, and Kanelay camp.

Furthermore, following the camp attack, the Military Council responded with aerial bombardment. The Christian church in Panwe Phoe Kloe village, situated near the Mawkhee camp, suffered damage as a result of the attack, as reported in the statement by the Federal Wings.

Regarding the casualties during the battle, the Joint Revolutionary Forces have released several statements, providing updates on the situation. However, as of now, the Military Council has not issued any news or official statements regarding the casualties.

According to the KNLA’s Cobra column, in the past two months of fighting, a total of 114 individuals, including Military Council officers, have been reported as killed. Additionally, 129 individuals have sustained injuries, while 11 individuals have been taken captive. Furthermore, the KNLA’s Cobra column claims to have successfully captured three military camps belonging to the Military Council.

According to a list compiled by the KNLA forces, following the military coup, over 40 troops from the Military Council defected to the KNLA forces in the eastern part of the Dawna Range, a territory of the KNU 6th Brigade.

Similarly, according to the revolutionary forces, during the battle between the Military Council troops and the joint forces of the Federal Wings, which include KNLA and KNDO, the Military Council troops have been indiscriminately firing artillery shells into nearby villages located in close proximity to the conflict zone.

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