KNLA’s General Johnny to attend Liaison Office opening

The Karen National Union (KNU) is on schedule to open its fourth liaison office in the Burma’s border town Myawaddy on August 18.

P’doh Saw Aung Maw Aye, chairman of the KNU’s Pa-an District has confirmed that on 18 August, the Pa-an District or Brigade-7 and Doo Pla Ya District will open a joint liaison office in Myawaddy town, eastern Burma.

P’doh Saw Aung Maw Aye told Karen News.

“We will open a temporary liaison office. The aim is to communicate between our troops and the Burma Army, to avoid armed clashes, and also to build unity between the two groups. The liaison office will also enable communication between the Karen Border Guard Force (BGF), and the KNU/KNLA Peace Council, and to build unity among all Karen groups as well.”

The Karen BGF is a faction of the former Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) that broke away from the KNU, while the KNU/KNLA Peace Council is another Karen armed faction that has reached a ceasefire with the Burma governmnt.

P’doh Aung Maw Aye said,

“The commander of Brigade 7, Brigadier General Saw Johnny, will join the opening of the liaison office and other Doo Pla Ya District KNU leaders will be involved – other KNU central leaders are also invited.”

Since reaching a ceasefire agreement with the Burma government in January this year, the KNU has opened four liaison offices.

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