May Day 2018: Workers in Burma Still Struggle for Equality, Equal Rights, Workplace Safety and a Living Wage

Millions of workers around the world will take to the streets and city parks to commemorate May Day 2018. Workers will rally and march to show their solidarity and support for their workplace rights.

May Day celebrations, also known as International Workers Day started in Chicago in 1886, when workers demanded and won an eight-hour workday, today it will be celebrated by workers from Albania to Zaire.

Workers’ in Burma are still a long way from having equal rights, safe workplaces, an eight hour working day and to be paid living wages.

International Workers Day has its origins in the labour union movement, and specifically in the eight-hour day movement, which called for workers to have eight hours for work eight hours for recreation and eight hours for rest every day.

Karen News has produced a video – “They only listen when we are united” – on the difficulties and the successes of workers when using their collective power to gain holidays and better work place conditions. The video was sponsored by APHEDA – Union Aid Abroad.

May Day, traditionally has been a day of global protest, with workers’ demanding their rights and international solidarity.

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