New Karen Police Office Opens by Destroying Speed Pills and Opium

Karen Police burned confiscated methamphetamine tablets and opium in its attempts to fight illicit drug use. The Karen National Police Force (KNPF) under the Interior Department of the Karen National Union in Doo Pla Ya District, destroyed thousands of methamphetamine tablets (Ya Ma) and opium in an attempt to decrease the use of drugs in the area.

Over ten thousand methamphetamine pills, one kilo of black opium and small amounts of marijuana were burned by the Police Force at the opening ceremony of their district office on 25th February, 2018.

The destroyed drugs were seized in 2017 from all the four Karen National Union’s Doo Pla Ya District’s townships – Noh Ta Kaw (Kyar Inn), Kyone Doe (Krutue), Kawkareik (Kaw Tari) and Waw Ray (Win Yay) township.

Pol. Major Saw Moo Kaw Soe, deputy head of the Doo Pla Ya District police force spoke to Karen News about their office.

“The aim of opening this office is for us to establish rule of law, help create peace and to fight drug use. That’s why we are burning these drugs in front of witnesses.”

Attendees at the ceremony included Pol. Lieutenant Colonel Saw Bo Thein from KNPF H.Q, Pol. Lieutenant Colonel Saw Ta Kaw (a.k.a) Saw Titus – in-charge of the Doo Playa District police force, Doo Pla Ya District’s secretary, District’s judge, representatives from Karen Women Organization, Karen Youth Organization and local people. Over 300 people attended the ceremony.

The 16th KNU Congress made a decision to reform the KNPF in all its seven administered areas including Doo Tha Htoo, Taungoo, Nyuang Lebin, Megui/Tavoy, Mutraw, Doo Pla Ya and Pa-An Districts. The KNPF office in Doo Pla Ya district is the first one out of the seven to open.

Doo Pla Ya District level have been dealing with cases that include illicit drugs, murder, rape, theft and civil lawsuit cases. All cases were handled according to the KNU’s judiciary system. At the moment, there are over 40 prisoners in the district’s jail.

Pol. Lieutenant Colonel Saw Titus, in-charge of the Doo Pla Ya district police force said his office cooperates with the government’s police in fighting drug use.

“The burning of the drugs doesn’t mean we can totally eradicate them, but we can contribute in decreasing their use.”

Saw Ta Hsi Plaw, a villager from Plaw Toh Keeh in Kyar Inn Township said people were concerned about drug use among young people.

“Many parents in my village have had a hard time keeping their young daughters and sons from using these drugs – I am happy to see our leaders are tackling these problem.”

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