KNU Housing For Families of Disabled Soldiers and Some Displaced Villagers Almost Completed

The Karen National Union (KNU), in its controlled Hpa-an District has been implementing a low cost housing project for families of disable soldiers from its armed wing, the Karen National Liberation Army and displaced villagers in the surrounding areas.

The housing project is taking place at two places, Maw Poe Kay and Mae Tari. The construction totals a 100-houses – 50 houses each at the two sites and is scheduled to be completed in middle June 2014.

The KNU housing project started at the beginning of April and is being built by 80 construction workers and KNLA soldiers.

Saw Moses, an official from the KNU’s 7th Brigade’s economic committee and its associate company – Moe Ko San Travel and Tour Company Limited and Trading Company Limited, told Karen News that the project was expected to be finished by June.

Speaking to Karen News, Saw Moses said.

“At first, we expected to finish the construction by the end of May. We ordered the construction materials and wood from Thai side. The construction was delayed by road and communication problems and the beginning of the rain [wet season].”

According to sources from KNU’s 7th Brigade economic committee, the State Government granted a total budget of 500 million Kyats (USD $517,063) for the housing project and formed a committee for the construction project that the KNU’s 7th Brigade associate, Moe Ko San Travel and Tour Company Limited and Trading Company Limited is in charge of the project.

Colonel Saw Paw Doh, a member of KNU’s 7th Brigade economic committee spoke to Karen News about the housing project and settlement process.

“For time being, we haven’t come up with a settlement process yet. The committee will call a meeting after the construction is completed and then make sure there is a plan for the settlement process.”

Colonel Saw Paw Doh said that the housing project is intended to offer settlement for families of disabled KNLA soldiers and for internally displaced people who are deemed the most needy in the area.

According to KNU’s 7th Brigade officials, the houses are built of wood with tin roofs are 200 feet by 100 feet.

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