KNU denies ceasefire agreement

The Karen National Union denied they have entered into a ceasefire with the Burma government. In an official statement on the ‘Peace Talks’, dated 24th November, the KNU said.

“Recent media reports that the Karen National Union (KNU) had agreed to a ceasefire with the Burmese regime, along with several other ethnic organizations, was false. The KNU team of three representatives had an informal with the regime’s Transport Minister, U Aung Min, to sound out the regime’s position on a ceasefire and to explain the position of the KNU on the same matter.”

The KNU statement pointed out that the ethnic alliance was still strong.

“Cooperation with our ethnic alliances, including the United Nationalities federal Council (UNFC) and National Democratic Front (NDF) on political and military affairs, exists as ever.”

The KNU statement made clear that the Burmese government has done much more before there is a ceasefire.

“Although the KNU is willing to resolve the political problems through negotiations, it is dependent on the seriousness and willingness of the Burmese regime to resolve the political problems correctly based on productive and genuine political dialogue and progress.”

The KNU also confirmed that it is still strongly standing by the Four Principles as laid out by Saw Ba U Gyi. The KNU statement concluded.

“The KNU is also determined to stand firmly and speak for the entire Karen nation.”

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