Karen militia – tease, argue, shoot, three dead…

After an argument broke out between four members of a Karen militia group three ended up dead from gunshots.

The four Karen men were members of the KNU/KNLA Peace Council, a Karen armed group led by former Karen National Liberation Army, 7th Brigade Commander General Htin Maung. The KNU/KNLA Peace Council broke away from the Karen National Union and signed a separate peace deal with the Burma government.

The shootings happened on August 13, in Bingyi village, Hpa-an Township, Karen State. Eyewitnesses claim the four men had an argument and opened fire on each other killing three.

Major Saw Joseph, the liaison office in-charge of the KNU/KNLA Peace Council confirmed to Karen News that Saw Ba Gyan, Saw Tun Myint, and Saw Nay Htoo were killed and only Saw Hla Win survived the deadly fight.

Speaking to Karen News Major Saw Joseph said.

“The argument was just between the four men. The Burma Army Division (22) base in Hpa-an is still investigating the incident – we have not got all the details of the case yet.”

According to Major Saw Aung Paing, Operations Command (1) of the KNU/KNLA PC, the four men went together to the Karen Martyrs’ Day commemoration held in Htoh Kaw Koe village in Nabu Township.

Based on eyewitnesses accounts, Major Saw Aung Paing told Karen News that the four men started to have an argument on their way back and by the time they arrived in Bingyi village, they opened fire on each other resulting in the three deaths.

Major Saw Aung Paing said.

“I saw them [the men] this morning [August 13] in the same car and they were teasing each other and laughing. It happened suddenly – I was shocked.”

Hpa-an police said that the Burma Army Division (22) seized two pistols that were used in the fight and the crime scene handled by the State police.

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