Resistance Forces Report Huge Influx of Youth who Fled Military Draft Causing Food Shortages

Following the enforcement of the conscription law by the Junta, youth seeking refuge with the resistance forces in Bago Region and undergoing military training, are suffering from food shortages.

Amid the swift enforcement of the conscription law by the Junta, young individuals in Bago Region, unwilling to comply with the Junta’s military service, sought shelter with nearby resistance forces and the People’s Defense Force (PDF) under the Ministry of Defense of the National Unity Government (NUG).

Meanwhile, despite the surge in the number of young trainees, food supplies remain limited, necessitating rationing. Now they are conserving the available food and distributing it equitably, revealed an official from the Taungoo District PDF unit 3501.

“We are purchasing and gathering whatever food supplies we can find, but it is still not sufficient. We cannot request special rations for those joining military training, so we are sharing and utilizing the battalions’ food reserves. We also need to continue to support war-displaced individuals”, he said.

In simpler terms, resistance battalions have the responsibility of supplying food for both new trainees and local war-displaced individuals, leading to significant difficulties for them.

As a result, despite the growing number of young individuals keen to undergo military training at PDF units in Waw Township following the activation of the conscription law by the Junta, resistance forces are encountering difficulties in accommodating them due to lack of additional food support from NUG.

During his speech at the Armed Forces Day ceremony held on March 27, the Junta leader reiterated the effective implementation of the conscription law and issued a warning that individuals attempting to evade the law by joining resistance forces would face legal repercussions.

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