Minister Agrees Local Should Be Compensated For Confiscated Land

Hpa-an residents who lost their 40 acres of land to a construction project in town’s industrial zone want compensation from the government for the loss of their rubber plantations.

Saw Khant Win Aung, had his land confiscated for the construction, said that on January 25, the Karen State Chief Minister, U Zaw Min, visited the project site and said that the rubber plantation owners were not to be disadvantaged.

“We were told by the minister that he will make sure [that the construction] project will not have a bad impact on us. But he [U Zaw Min ] didn’t exactly say when and how much we will be paid. We want conpensation for the loss of our lands, ” Saw Khant Win Aung told Karen News.

Hpa-an’s industrial zone’s chairman, Minister Saw Kyi Lin, said that the construction is a housing construction for the industrial zone workers. The minister also said that schools, hospitals, a fire station and houses would be constructed.

Minister Saw Kyi Lin said reiterated that farmers who had their lands taken would be paid. “We will provide compensation to locals who have lost [land]. After managing the plots, we will also provide [land] plots to people who have lost theirs.”

Naw Keh who lsot her land said that she welcomes the government’s compensation.

“We are not saying we are against this project. But we will demand compensation if the state government’s failed to provide it.”

Local villagers told Karen News that the construction project started at the end of January.

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