Shwe Kokko-Based Online Scam Bosses Relocate 50 Notorious Syndicate Operatives to Shan State

Karen State — Cyber fraud bosses in control of the Shwe Kokko complex in Myawaddy Township have reportedly relocated around 50 of their most notorious operatives personnel to Shan State, according to people familiar with their activities.

The Shwe Kokko New City Project primarily based on their casino and online gambling sectors, also harbours other criminal networks that deceptively lure individuals with the promise of lucrative employment opportunities. An informant revealed that individuals with known connections to the Shwe Kokko criminal network,have been relocated to Shan State by their employers.

“Approximately 50 individuals notorious for online scams and human trafficking have been relocated to Laukkai and Muse. Some have faced prosecution for their fraudulent activities and so they’ve been relocated”, the source told KIC.

Online casinos in Shwe Kokko entice individuals from specific countries with the prospect of lucrative overseas employment opportunities, luring them to becoming victims of human trafficking. Presently these criminal networks predominantly employ women, compelling them to engage in fraudulent activities, as reported by a victim of such exploitation.

“In the past, it was easier to approach our targets. Nowadays when a stranger talks, most folks don’t trust it anymore. More and more girls are involved in deception. In certain cases, we resort to online money scams. We persuade people to be interested in online gambling. Then, we request them to transfer money in advance, and once we receive the money, we block their phones”, the aforementioned source said.

When searching for recruits to join the casinos and online gambling scams in Shwe Kokko, brokers and human resource staff frequently leverage social media to entice potential candidates based on their educational background, computer proficiency, as well as their command of English and Chinese languages. They provide various contact numbers depending on the specific target in question.

On June 6th, Thai authorities disconnected the power supply to the Shwe Kokko and Ingyin Myaing areas situated along the Thailand-Myanmar border, which are heavily populated with casinos and online gambling establishments. Consequently the region is grappling with employment challenges, leading to the closure of some businesses, as reported by the locals.

In the past month, Chinese law enforcement authorities apprehended their fellow citizens engaged in online fraud within the Kokang region of the Wa Self-Administered Zone in Shan State. The Chinese government has issued a series of warrants for the arrest of Chinese involved in fraud operations including two high-ranking officers affiliated with the United Wa State Army (UWSA) involved in such illicit endeavors.

Due to the heightened Chinese government enforcement measures, several young individuals employed at Shwe Kokko sites overseen many Chinese nationals have been returning home since September.

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