KNU liaison office link to Burma’s MI scares villagers

Karen villagers are being scared off from using the newly opened Karen National Union (KNU) liaison office in Tavoy town in Southern Burma, as they fear their personal data is recorded and then given to Burmese military intelligence.

Saw David, a Karen from Tavoy Town spoke to Karen News of his fears.

“I’m afraid to go back to the KNU liaison office, because when I first arrived I had to submit my personal information to the office staff then my personal information is given to the Burmese military Intelligence.”

The KNU liaison officer in Tavoy, Lieutenant Colonel Saw Hsa Pe Tu confirmed to Karen News that information taken at the liaison office is shared with Burma’s military intelligence.

“We have to record the information from the visitors. But we don’t have to share the information to the military intelligence, but if they want to look at it they are allow to.”

Saw David said he is concerned his personal data is ending up with the Burmese military intelligence.

“I have to give my name, age, address, who am I, what matter I come here, why I come here, who I would like to see and more, and I have to sign. Then I was told this personal information is given to the military intelligence.”

Saw David said the Burmese military intelligence unit monitored who went in and out of the KNU liaison office.

“The military intelligence keep watch on the KNU liaison office and I know they request personal information taken from visitors. Karen people who want to speak or see their KNU leaders to give comment to them about the peace process and their work are now avoiding the office.”

The KNU setup their liaison office in Tavoy, Tenasserim Division and Kyauk Gyi, Pegu Division in April following the KNU and Burma government’s ‘peace talk’ negotiations held in Rangoon.

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