Police Officer Killed by Sword – Killer Surrenders 

A lance corporal and platoon commander from the Karen National Union’s Kawkareik police force was attacked and killed by a man wielding a sword. The killing of the police officer took place in Ang Pha Lay village in southern Kawkareik, around 2pm on August 8, 2016.

The police officer, Saw Khin Shwe, 52 was returning from Ang Pha Gyi Station, and while taking a rest at the house of villager, was hacked in the back of the neck by Saw Pu Pu, 53, said the house owner, Saw Po Lar Aung, who witnessed the killing.

Saw Po Lar Aung said, “I was going in the back of my house when I heard the crying of my grandchild, I came back to look and saw Saw Khin Shwe with a lot of blood on the floor. Soon as after the attack, the man (Saw Pu Pu) went down and walked away back to his house, before fleeing by motorbike.”

Witnesses said the sword that killed Saw Khin Shwe was one and a half feet long and one inch wide. He was cut at the nape of his neck and on his thigh.

Saw Ah Kyaw, a police major at KNU Kawkareik Township spoke to Karen News about the alleged killer, Saw Pu Pu.

“Through our investigations we believe that he had committed domestic violence, and officer Saw Khin Shwe went and warned him not to do so. Recently, Saw Pu Pu destroyed a commonly used bamboo bridge in the village. Officer Saw Khin Shwe again went to ask him to rebuild the bridge. So, we believe he has targeted the officer to kill him.”

Myo Min Tun, officer-in-charge of the government police force said that although the government police would like to make a forensic examination and file charges against the suspect, the KNU has requested that they handle the case. The KNU will help in investigating and arresting the culprit.

The accused Saw Pu Pu is know to use narcotic drugs and was regarded as problem maker in the village. Villagers believe his wife and children live separately from him because of his domestic violence towards them.

Karen News is led to understand that Saw Pu Pu has now turned himself in to Kawkareik Police Station and this has been confirmed by the chief officer.

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