Over 500 residents forced to flee Win Yay Township following airstrike

After the Junta’s jets bombed Win Yay Township of Dooplaya District,a KNU- held territory, over 500 people have reportedly fled the area.

On May 7, the Military Council bombed Weipathea village, located in Belamu village-tract of Win Yay Township (Ye Township) in Mon State.

“”At 11:00 p.m., two bombs were dropped, but only one exploded, resulting in an injury to one villager in Weipathea. The bombs caused damage to several buildings. As a result, the villagers fled the area and some of the revolutionary soldiers were killed,” local Saw Thu Thu told KIC on May 8.

Yesterday night at around 11:00 pm , Military Council troops bombed the vicinity of a school in Weipathea village, causing damage to the building and injuring nearby civilians. Consequently, residents from nearby villages, including Chaunghnitkhwa, Belamu, Taparhtaw, Weipathea, and other villages where the majority of the Karen ethnic group reside, are fled from the conflict zone.

Local news sources report that a female and a male soldier from the Joint Revolutionary Forces were killed, and at least 5 others were injured as a result of the bombing. However the KIC-Karen news agency has been unable to confirm this information with the relevant groups.

The Ye region of Win Yay Township is an area under the control of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) 27th and 16th Battalions, and it has been the site of frequent clashes with Military Council troops in the ongoing conflict.

On the evening of May 6, in Kyondoe Township, Dooplaya District, which is a territory of the Karen National Union (KNU), several residential buildings in villages without any reported fighting near Ohnchan Yaepu Kawtsat ,were reportedly destroyed by a jet fighter bombing carried out by Military Council troops.

In Win Yay Township, Military Council warplanes are reportedly hovering and conducting surveillance on a daily basis.

Today, at past 11:00 a.m., residents who had previously fled the conflict were forced to flee once again due to a second bombing attack in the vicinity of Belamu village.

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