Women-led unarmed mass protest ‘Rose Color Movement’ held in Launglon

Despite the decrease in military activities, the “Rose Color Women’s Movement” took place on February 26 in Launglon township, Dawei district, Tanintharyi region. This demonstration, organized mainly by local women and youth, served as an unarmed display of opposition against the military regime.

The movement was led by the Rosy Women’s Union – Dawei, a member force of the Dawei District Democracy Movement Strike Committee, and they marched holding banners saying “Boycott Fascist Election, Walk Brave the Federal Way.”

U Min Lwin Oo, who is in charge of the Democracy Movement Strike Committee, told KIC that the movement is being developed so that unarmed people can participate in the opposition to the military dictatorship, as the public is the main focus at the moment.

“While there are currently limited military activities, the unarmed population remains a vital force in the revolution against the military dictatorship. To facilitate their practical participation, we must develop an unarmed people’s struggle. That’s why I tried all the way to develop this approach,” U Min Lwin Oo said.

According to a participant in the movement, despite facing challenges and differences of opinion within the unarmed public movement against the military dictatorship, they are working with confidence.

“ The unarmed public struggle is more than just a street protest. Its aim is to ignite a revolutionary consciousness among the public and allow them to participate actively with minimal harm,” he told KIC.

On February 7, 2021, a group of young people formed the Democracy Movement Strike Committee (DMSC) and launched their activities in Dawei township. However, due to security concerns in the area, the committee relocated its operations to Launglon township in May 2021.

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