Karen communities demand resignation of entire KNU Central Executive Committee

Karen communities around the world have sent an open letter calling for the resignation of the entire KNU Central Executive Committee for failing to take action against some top KNU leaders who are against the organizational principles of the Karen National Union (KNU) and/or in violation of international law.

This request was made in an open letter addressed to the KNU Secretary General and sent to the Central Standing Committee and the Central Executive Committee by 68 Karen organizations on the Thai-Myanmar border and at home and abroad, dated February 23.

The open letter stated that there was no action taken by the KNU leaders regarding the participation of Pado Saw Roger Khin, who is also a member of the KNU Central Executive Committee and also the head of the Department of Defense, and some top KNU leaders in the China-backed new city project in Karen State, where there are many human rights violations and illegal activities.

Similarly, Karen communities around the world said that while there are other leaders who oppose KNU’s policy, no action has been taken against those leaders, and the behavior of some Central Standing Committee leaders who have so far worked with the Military Council shows the decline in leadership of both the Central Executive Committee and the Central Standing Committee.

“The inclusion of the KNU leader in this project does not work for the betterment of our KNU revolution and the political path going forward. Having a KNU leader on the blacklist also harms the reputation of KNU,” the spokesperson of the open letter, Saw Thoo Ka Bee told KIC.

Saw Thoo Ka Bee added that the publication of this open letter also points out that the wrong actions of some KNU leaders should be resolved as soon as possible to make them democratically accountable.

February 1, 2022 In the Maw Hto Talay area known as (China new city project/gambling area), press photos have been released in which Pado Saw Roger Khin himself attended, and Pado Saw Roger Khin gave permission for another project near the Shwe Kokko new city project, the Huanya new city project, according to Thai news agency BPS. However, the public was not informed about KNU’s involvement in the project, according to the Karen communities’ open letter.

Because of these relationships, the name and reputation of the entire KNU organization has been degraded at this good time when the world is trying to recognize and support the Karen people’s right to self-determination and revolution, the open letter said.

In addition, it was found that the upcoming 17th KNU election contains lists of leaders who are against the principle of KNU, and the result of the upcoming election will not improve the leadership of the Karen National Union (KNU) and will not produce new leaders, the open letter stated.

Therefore, Karen society demands that the entire Central Executive Committee voluntarily resign in a spirit of responsibility, to form an interim management team that includes acceptable and competent leaders in the period when a new Central Executive Committee cannot be re-elected, and in the administration, revolution and politics of KNU, the interim management team will manage and organize a congress and election that meets the democratic election standards set by the international community.

In order to further reveal the truth, it is also requested that a fair and independent team be formed and that the investigation
be led by an international investigation team that better understands this case as it is a cross-border crime.

KIC Karen News Agency is still trying to find out the opinion of KNU Central Executive Committee members and spokespersons of the organization regarding this open letter.

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