Karen youth hold historic meeting in govt-controlled zone

For the first time in its history the Karen Youth Organization held a seminar in a Burma government controlled area, in Noh Poe village in Myawaddy Township on Saturday, August 11. Organisers credited the recent ceasefire agreements between Karen National Union and the Burma government for creating a safe environment for the seminar to go ahead.

Saw Eh K’lu Say, the vice-chairman of KYO spoke to Karen News.

“In previous years, it was difficult for us to meet with young Karen people in such places as in a government controlled area. We are now happy to have be here to meet with young Karen people, especially during the time of the ‘peace-talks’.”

The seminar was held at the Baptist church in Noh Poe village and was attended by more than 100 young people from the Noh Poe, Htee Mu Hta and Meh Ka Ner villages. The Karen youths discussed the role of ‘Karen youth and their involvement in national affairs’ for one hour.

A Karen youth who attended the seminar told Karen News.

“Those kinds of seminars are good. We hope to attend more seminars. It supports our learning and opens our minds to what is happening. We want to work for peace in the country and for our freedom.”

The KYO said young Karen people living in the government control area have had to live under a sytem of fear and restriction for a long time. Saw Eh K’lu Say, vice-chairman of KYO said.

“We will do run more seminars to follow-up on this one. We also plan to run seminars in KNU controlled areas such as Brigade-7 in the Pa’an district.”

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