Stop Work! – Karen State Healthcare Workers Protest Against Military Coup

Health workers in Karen State refused to work in protest against the military coup and will begin their peaceful protest from February 2, 2021.

The Karen State healthcare civil servants put out a statement called for workers and civilians to join them to protest against the military detaining the democratically elected government and the take over of all three pillars of state power against the will of the people.

Many health workers used social media to express their views that they would stand in solidarity with their colleagues who are taking part in the civil disobedience campaign and to show their support for the state health workers’ statement.

A health worker who spoke to Karen News (with the condition of anonymity) said.

“We are one with the statement. We will express our position peacefully without going to work tomorrow. According to the law, we supported and accepted the elected representatives. We want the rest of the political issues to be discussed in the parliament according to the law.”

Health workers across Burma have spoken out against the military coup, and have expressed their opposition in statements. People from all walks of life have posted comments on social media in support of the health workers’ stand against the military coup.

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