War-Displaced Population Surges to Over 50,000 in Two Weeks Across 4 States and Regions

In the span of two weeks, over 50,000 individuals have been forced to flee across four states and regions including Karen State, following shelling, house burnings, and other forms of devastation perpetrated by Junta forces, as documented by the BNI-Myanmar Peace Monitor (MPM).

During the period of March 13 – 26, the number of war-displaced individuals in Karen State, Kachin State, Sagaing Region, and Bago Region surged by 50,651. MPM reported that among Out of this total 40,000, are predominantly concentrated in Kachin State and Bago Region, where intense confrontations persist between resistance groups and Junta forces.

Following the coup, armed resistance movements have spread throughout the nation, which has triggering Junta’s revenge retaliation unleashed on the civilian population. causing a continuous growth in the number of IDPs (war-displaced individuals persons) according to reports from aid workers aiding those affected.

A war-displaced individual residing in Kyaukkyi Township Bago Region, shared that local farmers endured economic losses, as they were compelled to sell their stored rice and peas at discounted rates. He also highlighted the hardships faced by residents in conflict-affected zones, who grapple with adapting to a volatile existence, vacating their homes during escalations in conflicts and returning when the situation momentarily stabilizes.

Kyaukkyi is situated within the territory controlled by the 3rd Brigade of the Karen National Union (KNU). Nyaunglebin District holds the distinction of recording the highest count of war-displaced persons among all KNU districts, with over 700,000 individuals displaced by war.

According to MPM, the past two weeks have seen an increase of 9,251 individuals displaced by the Junta’s violence in Karen State, an area controlled by KNU, and 1,400 war-displaced individuals in Sagaing Region, where operations are conducted by the People’s Defense Force (PDF) under the National Unity Government (NUG).

On March 19, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) declared that the number of war-displaced individuals throughout Myanmar has surged to nearly 3 million, emphasizing the critical need for funds to facilitate effective humanitarian operations.

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