Eight-point draft policy on political sector discussed for national-level political dialogue

Karen representatives discussed an eight-point draft policy for the political sector during the Karen National Political Dialogue for Political Sector, which was held at Zwegabin Hall in the Karen State’s capital Hpa-an from 11 to 13 January.

During the press conference held in the evening on the last day of the discussion, Pado Saw Eh Kalu Say from the Karen National Union (KNU), who led the political sector, said: “The Karen representatives held a three-day discussion to discuss [the draft policy] at the national level and set down basic policies for the political sector. Eight points have been discussed by all representatives.”

According to Pado Saw Eh Kalu Say, the eight-point draft policy covers issues on sovereignty, equality, self-determination, federal union, protection of ethnic minorities’ rights, democracy, gender equality, secular politics, and multi-party democracy. The representatives have also discussed and set down basic policies for drafting the state constitution.

Mann Htain Win Sein, a representative of the Karen National Party (KNP), told the press that they have selected the federal system that can conform to the country’s situation and ensure equal rights and self-determination to all ethnic races when drafting the federal system for Burma.

“Countries that practice federal system have drafted it after looking at their own political situations and people. There is no fixed method. There are eight main races and 195 ethnic tribes in Burma. So, we need to set down and practice a federal system everyone can agree on in order to receive equal rights,” he explained.

Karen representatives from eight states and regions in Burma, Karen armed organizations, Karen political parties, and Karen social organizations attended the three-day Karen National Political Dialogue on Political Sector. Major Saw Sein Win from the Democratic Karen Benevolent Army – Klohtoobaw Karen Organization (DKBA-KKO), Nan Khin Thet Mar Win from a civil society organization, and Pado Saw Eh Kalu Say from the KNU led the press conference.

The Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee (UPDJC) instructed respective ethnic races to discuss politics, economic, social, and land and natural resources sectors for the national-level political dialogue. Karen representatives have been discussing the draft policies for these sectors at Zwegabin Hall from 19 December, 2016 to 13 January, 2017.

The working committee will finalize all the draft policies and submit it for approval to the national-level political dialogue for respective ethnic races, which will be held at Thiri Hpa-an Hotel from 18 to 20 January.

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