Tree Falling On Electric Wires Shocks and Injures Refugee Patients

Patients from Mae Ra Ma Luang Refugee Camp in the Thai Northern Province of Mae Hong Song were injured when the referral car carrying them was hit by a falling tree on a road, 50 kilometers away from Mae Sariang Town.

The accident took place on August 4 as the pickup truck carrying the referred patients was returning from Mae Sariang and it was hit by a tree entwined in overhead electrical wires.

Saw Tu Tu, the northern areas coordinator of the Karen Refugee Committee said that the pickup truck was carrying seven patients, a doctor and driver. The tree was caught in electric wires and that was the caused of the injuries.

Saw Tu Tu told Karen News that the injuries were caused by electric shocks.

“A tree caught in electric wires fell right on the car, and electrocuted the car. It was also raining at the time. Among the nine people in the car, a 6-month old child, the doctor, and two patients were injured.”

Saw Tu Tu said that the doctor sustained injuries to her thigh. The infant’s injury was minor. The adult male patients was sent to nearby Sopmoei hospital and an adult female, whose injuries were more serious, was sent to a hospital in Chaing Mai.

Refugees health services in Mae La Oon and Mae Rama Luang are supported by Malteser International. Any patients with serious health conditions or if the refugee camp hospital can’t manage, refer patients to Mae Sariang Town.

Although several accidents have occurred due to bad road conditions in the rainy season, this is the first in which patients were injured by electrical shocks.

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