Five Karen Political Parties to Unite Into One

Preparations for the integration of five Karen political parties are now underway and it is planned that the five parties will unite within the year.

The decision to be integrated was made at an integration meeting held on the 26th of January in Rangoon where 30 delegates from Plone Sawor Democratic Party (PSDP), Karen Democratic Party (KDP) and Karen State Democracy and Development Party based in Karen state and the Yangon based Karen People’s Party (KPP) and Karen National Party (KNP) attended.

Speaking at the meeting, Mann Aung Pyi Soe, the vice chairman of PSDP said; “The committee for the integration of Karen parties is going to be formed composed of 30 members with six representatives from each party. This committee is responsible for the implementation of getting the five parties integrated within one year.”

At the meeting each Karen political party submitted their principle papers on integration. The Karen National Party, the newest party presented their paper for the first time and it was accepted by the attendees.

Speaking to Karen News, Mahn Kyaw Nyein, the general secretary of the KNP said.

“Main points are to change the 2008 Constitution and to [achieve] national equality and self- determination which are critical in forming a federal union. Both these [points] are agreed in principles by all the Karen parties. The other point is that the integrated party is not to be influenced by any other party or organization. We have basically discussed these things and decided to integrate.”

The integration of five Karen political parties was discussed after the election in November 2015 and was agreed in principles.

Following the second meeting, the integration of the five Karen parties has been decided and a meeting for forming a committee for integration is scheduled to be held in February, according to sources from the Karen parties.

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