UNFC: While Armed Clashes Rage, Peace in Burma Fades

The United Nationalities Federal Council issued a statement on Saturday, March 28 stating that it was disappointed that once again political discussions with the Burma government have been sidetracked.

The UNFC said that in all its negotiation processes with the government it witnesses over and over “the occurrence of some other unexpected problem to choke up dialogue or change the track of dialogue, just as the negotiation is gathering momentum.”

The United Nationalities Federal Council said that it had been “discussing the reduction of ferocity of armed clashes in Northern Shan State and Kachin State, as the escalation of war not only on the ground but also from the air recurred, the current negotiation is to no avail, with much loss of time and energy, and with great disappointment the UNFC is of the view that the peace hoped for by the people of Burma and the international community will still be distant.”

The UNFC called on the government, its parliament and it military to “seriously value resolving all the various problems patiently through dialogue, at the round table, and to immediately halt the armed clashes, taking place all over the country.”

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