KNU Stands Together With UNFC and NCCT On Nationwide Ceasefire

Padoh Saw Thamein Tun, a member of the Karen National Union (KNU)’s Central Executive Committee said that the KNU would never go alone and sign a national wide ceasefire in Burma. The KNU said that it is only willing to sign the ceasefire together with the United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC) and the Nationwide Ceasefire Coordination Team (NCCT).

Padoh Saw Thamein Tun made the statement to Karen News on January 31 during the 66th anniversary of the Karen Revolution Day held in Rangoon.

Padoh Saw Thamein Tun said.

“There are 12 groups in the UNFC and 16 groups in the NCCT. If all are signing [ceasefire], the KNU can’t be left out. If they don’t sign, then the KNU won’t sign either, because all the unpeaceful things from the unsigned ceasefire regions could affect our people and our area. So, we will sign only [ceasefire] if the UNFC and NCCT sign.”

Mahn Htain Win Sein, the vice president of the Karen National Party (KNP) told Karen News that he agreed with the KNU member’s statement as he believe that the Burmese government will launch an offensive against the remaining groups who do not sign the national ceasefire agreement.

“I completely support this idea because the Karen has lead the struggle for equality, self-determination and the forming of a federal state since February 11, 1948. It is not possible to say we have gained our freedom unless all other ethnics people do,” said Mahn Htain Win Sein.

The literature talks of Karen national movement history being held on that day organized by Karen Youth Network – Yangon. Padoh Saw Thamein Tun and Padoh Saw Listion were guest speakers and over 200 people were attended there.

An East Yangon Technological University student Naw Paw Khee La who attended the Resistance Day anniversary said, “We young people gained a lot of knowledge by hearing historical issues being discussed here. We also are told about the experiences of our elder people”.

According to representative from the NCCT that represents the ethnic groups and the UPWC that is represents the government, there are only a few points left to be discussed on the national wide ceasefire agreement.

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