Burma Army Chief Tells KNU That It Will Revise the 2008 Constitution, But In Its Own Time

The Karen National Union (KNU) told Karen News that the Burmese Defense Minister, General Min Aung Hlaing said they would be revising sections of the country’s 2008 Constitution.

A KNU leader claims that General Min Aung Hlaing said during a meeting with KNU officials that the government was considering revising the Constitution but would do it in its own time.

“Many people said it is for security and safety that the 2008 constitution cannot be revised. This is not the case. As per conversation with the general, they will review the constitution and only amend some parts. They said they will take their time in reviewing the rest of the constitution,” said Padoh Saw Roger Khin.

Padoh Saw Roger further said that in order to establish a true federal union, the 2008 constitution needs to be revised. He said it is an important move because the main purpose of the KNU and other ethnic armed groups is to have a true federal union in Burma.

Nan Khin Htwe Myint, a committee member of the Nation League Democracy from Karen State, said they welcomed government’s willingness to revise the 2008 constitution, but they will have to wait and see how the government goes about the task.

“We welcome and acknowledge the willingness of the government in revising section 436 of the 2008 constitution. The people are asking for this section to be revised but we will have to see what happens. It will harm their reputation if they fail to revise this section,” Nan Khin Htwe Myint told Karen News.

Opposition political parties are asking for section 436 of the 2008 constitution to be revised, the speaker of Burma’s Union Parliament, Thuya U Shwe Mann, told the media on November 18 that they will only be revising the 2008 Constitution after the election in 2015.

Since the cease fire agreement between KNU and the government in 2012, the KNU has met with General Min Aung Hlaing seven times.

Attending the meeting with General Min Aung Hlaing were KNU president, Saw Mutu Sae Poe, General secretary Padoh Kwe Htoo Win, Padoh Mahn Nyein Maung, Padoh Saw Roger Khin, Saw Isaac, Saw Htoo Htoo Lay and Padoh Shwe Maung.

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