Gun battle: Hpa-an police arrest and charge man for drug trafficking and weapon offences

U Kyar Ku, 51 year-old a villager from Kaw Thin Shue, who is on a police wanted list was arrested on August 13 by Hpa-an police and charged with drug and weapon offenses.

Speaking to Karen News, a police officer from Myoma Police Station in Hpa-an Townships said.

“With information we got from a villager, we arrested the suspect who is alleged to be trading drugs, in Kaw Thin Shue village area. He is on our most wanted list. We seized weapons that he had in his possession.”

The police officer said that the arrested suspect, U Kyar Ku, was detained at Myoma Police Station in Hpa-an while he is under investigation.

Police raided U Kyar Ku home and seized three machine guns, one air rifle and 13 types of bullets, two magazines and three rounds for a 9mm pistol.

On August 11, 10 policemen burst into a hut where U Kyar Ku and his assistant Moe Khaing and members of his gang were staying. The suspects exchanged fire between with the police.

During the firefight, U Kyar Ku escaped but his assistant Moe Khaing, 30, was shot dead by police.

Police sources, at the crime scene said that they seized 3,045 amphetamine tablets, one M16 rifle with 13 bullet rounds and 2 magazines, one .45 pistol with bullets, one hand grenade, 4 machine guns, 3 bamboo pipes used for smoking drugs, gun powder and assorted ammunition.

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