Drug Rehab Group Starts Education Campaign in Karen State

A drug rehabilitation group has launched an educational campaign to promote awareness about their services, and convince youth to kick the habit, or not to start in the first place.

The Myanmar Drug Addicts Rehabilitation Association (Central) launched the education program on August 23, with a talk in Kya-in Seikkyi township in Kayin (Karen) State. Around 500 people attended.

“[Drugs] only bring negative consequences so we have come to hold this educational talk to raise awareness among the people who are related [to drug users] or are close to [the drug community],” U San Shein, chair of association, told KIC News.

P’doh Saw Maung Shwe, chair of the Karen National Union (KNU)’s Win Yaw office in Kya-in Seikkyi township, called the talks a “very effective” deterrent.

“I want to urge the youth, who will become our national leaders in the future, to avoid drugs so that their goals won’t be ruined,” he said.

The KNU arrested and charged over 200 drug users and dealers under the anti-drug law, and destroyed over 5,000 methamphetamine tablets last year, according to officials from KNU’s Win Yaw branch.

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