NLD boycott parliament over constitutional conflict

National League for Democracy candidates elected as Members of Parliament in the recent by-elections will not take their seats when parliament reopens today, as they do not agree with the current constitution.

U Nyan Win, a NLD spokeperson, told Karen News that his party’s MP’s were invited to the constitutional court to discuss the issue but the NLD still disagrees with certain laws that the court presented.

Speaking to Karen News U Nyan Win said.

“There are several points that we can’t reach an agreement on.”

Karen News is led to understand that the main sticking point between the NLD and the Constitution is over the swearing in – the NLD want to substitute their preferred word ‘respect’ for ‘safeguard’ the constitution.

U Nyan Win also added that the NLD will prepare documentation to highlight what they want to change and will submit it to the constitutional court, the President’s office and to the Pyithut Hluttaw [the People’s Parliament].

U Nyan Win said the NLD is preparing their document that states the changes they want made.

“We are writing it now. I’m not sure if it will be three or four points. I can give you an example. If a law say article A is changed to article A+, every procedure or word in article A has to be carried out accordingly with A+. This may not be in the book. This is only norm of the laws.”

U Nyan Win confirmed that changing the contentious points would take some time and it won’t be done before the Parliament session begins on April 23, so it is more than likely the elected NLD MPs won’t be taking their seats in Parliament.

According to U Nyan Win, the elected NLD MP’s, held a two day meeting from April 19 to 20 at their head office to discuss the issue and what their strategy should be.

U Nyan Win said.

“We explained the situation to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and other senior members. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has the same view. All NLD elected MPs hold the same position. Regarding this issue, we will try to reach a compromise and finish it.”

Mahn Johnny, a NLD elected candidate from Myaungmya Township, Irrawady Division, said that he would act according to the NLD central committee’s decision about whether the MP’s should join the next parliamentary session on April 23.

The NLD won 43 seats out of 44 constituencies they contested in Burma’s by-elections held on April 1.

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