Karen artists draw crowds to Rangoon exhibition

For the first time, Karen artists from all over Burma got together in Rangoon and held an art exhibition of painting and sculptures about Karen peoples’ daily lives.

The art exhibition will run in Rangoon from March 15 to 21, 2013.

The exhibition was organized by the Karen Diary Art Group and brings together 37 Karen artists from around Burma, including the Rangoon Division, Irrawaddy Division, Pegu Division, Karen State, and Mon State. The exhibition includes 75 paintings.

Saw Mose, an organizer of the exhibition spoke to Karen News.

“The exhibition aims to identify and to introduce Karen artists from all over Burma. We organized this event to show the art done by Karen artists.”

Saw Mose says the exhibition included three fiber sculptures, watercolors and oil paintings that show the day-to-day lives of Karen people.

Saw Aung Kyaw, an artist in the exhibition told Karen News that he has longed for this day.

“In the past, Karen artists wanted to hold exhibitions, but they couldn’t do so for many reasons. We have wanted to do this for a long time. I’m really pleased to have a chance to get involved in the exhibition.”

Although this was the first time Karen artists had held an exhibition it was the 3rd art event organized by the Karen Diary Art Group.

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