Kachin fighting unites ethnic armed alliance

The United Nationalities Federal Council says they have come to a common agreement and are now prepared to help the Kachin if the government troops do not stop their offensive in Kachin State.

The alliance group made the public statement at a press conference held on the Thai-Burma border saying they have agreed on ways of helping Kachin from their recent meeting. According to Colonel Khun Ohkka – joint secretary of the UNFC, if the government does not stop the fighting, the group will take actions to help Kachin.

Speaking to Karen News, Khu Ohkka said.

“We are meeting Union Minister U Aung Min by the end of this month and we will demand him the stop to the fighting in Kachin State. After that, if the fighting doesn’t stop, we will take action according to what we’ve prepared.”

Colonel Khun Ohkka reaffirmed that the UNFC had made a fresh agreement again that for political process, the group will not talk with the government individually but to enter political dialogue together as a party with the government.

UNFC’s Khun Ohkka also added that they will make their plan of helping Kachin known to the public after they make their demand to U Aung Min and if their demand doesn’t met. According to Khun Ohkka, the group will try in all possible ways to help each other in order to keep strong armed and political alliances.

On November 9, 2012, the government peace negotiators led by Minister U Aung Min met with UNFC at Chiang Mai, Thailand. They agreed to try to solve political problems by political means. However, the UNFC statement issued early in January pointed out that despite the agreement, the current attacks on the Kachin indicates the government has reneged on its agreement.

The UNFC was initially formed on February 2011 with six ethnic armed groups – the Kachin Independent Organization, the Karen National Union, the New Mon State Party, the Shan State Progressive Party/Shan State Army, the Karenni National Progressive Party and the Chin National Front – in November, 2011 the UNFC was reformed with membership doubling to 12.

The Palong State Liberation Front, Lahu Democratic Union, Arankan National Council, Wa Natioanl Organizaiton, Pa’o Natianl Liberation Organization and Kachin National Organization are now all equal members of UNFC.

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