Laiza residents dig bunkers to protect from bombs dropped by government’s jet fighters

Residents in Laiza Town in Kachin State are building bomb shelters in an attempt to stay protect themselves from the Burma military’s bombardment.

Laiza Town is headquarters of the Kachin Independent Army and is severely under attack from government troops.

Salan Kapa Doi Pisa, an official with the Kachin Independent Organization, said that on the morning of December 28th, between 9am and 11am, two fighter jets and three helicopters bombarded the Laijayang area, 8 miles from Laiza.

Salan Kapa Doi Pisa told Karen News that because there is a strong possibility that government troops will launch an offensive on Laiza worried residents are digging bomb shelters.

“Right now, Laiza is surrounded by government troops. They (Burma Army) have already started bombing us using aircraft. We’ve received information that there are also pressure from senior army officers for their marines to start attacking us.”

KIA sources said that many civilians from the Laijayang area are now seeking refuge in Laiza to escape the attacks and bombardments.

A Laiza woman resident spoke to Karen News.

“We have been building bomb shelters since December 14. When there was an attack on Laijayang, we could see the fire from the machine guns. Government troops are approaching Laiza, every household is prepare bomb shelters either at the front or back of their houses.”

KIA sources alleged that chemical weapons are being used in the government’s jet fighters bombardment.
Sources in Laiza said that KIA soldiers were wounded and temporary barracks were destroyed in Saturday’s attack.

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