BGF Battalion 1016 accused of running drug ring

A local woman from T’Nay Hsah Township killed by villager who reportedly used amphetamines that were manufactured and distributed by commander of Border Guard Battalion 1016.

A report by the community-based human rights organisation, the Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) has documented the rape and murder of a Pa’an woman.

The 21-year-old woman was reportedly killed by a 23-year-old man she was engaged to be married to.
Local sources said the perpetrator was a regular user of the drug ‘Ya-ba’.

Ya-ba, known as the ‘mad medicine drug’, is a mix of methamphetamine and caffeine and usually taken in pill form. One villager reported that Ya-ba is one of the areas biggest problems.

KHRG has accused the commander of Border Guard battalion #1016, Mya Khaing, of being the local manufacturer of the drug.

According to the KHRG report, Mya Khiang operates a production site in T’Nay Hsah Township, and he distributes ya-ba to villages in the area.

Another villager said that because of ya-ba, many in the community have become even poorer due to the cost of feeding their addiction.

Because the source of the drug is linked to an armed group, villagers are too scared to speak out about their concerns of the harm the drugs are taking on their community.

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