Ethnic alliance and 88 Student Generation hold informal meeting in Chiang Mai

An ethnic alliance, the United Nationalities Federal Council and members of the 88 Student Generation group led by Ko Myat Aye, met informally at a restaurant in Chiang Mai on the evening of November 7.

Colonel Khun Ohkka, the joint secretary of the UNFC said that the two groups discussed how they could work together during the current peace process.

Speaking to Karen News, Colonel Khun Ohkka said.

“We talked about how the groups inside the country and those living in exile could coordinate during the current peace process and what responsibilities and what aspects that we could be involved in, as yet there was no decisions made.”

Khun Ohkka said that the 88 Student Generation led by Ko Myat Aye, was willing to act as mediator in the peace process if necessary.

The dinner was attend by Colonel Khun Ohkka, Major Hsin Wah, Khun Myint Tun and Naing Han Tha from the UNFC and the 88 Student Generation members, included Ko Mya Aye, Ko Tun Myint Aung, Ko Soe Tun, Ma Mee Mee, Ma Thazin Wine, Ma San San Maw and Ma May Kyi Lwin.

The 88 Student Generation group has been visiting Thailand since 2nd November and had also met with the All Burma Student Democratic Front in Chiang Mai on November 5, 2012.

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