DKBA officer shoots villager

A Democratic Karen Buddhist Army platoon commander shot and wounded a villager from Htee Te Leh village in Kawkariek Township. The shot villager, Saw Du Du, was taken to across the Thai Burma border to a hospital in Umphang District.

The incident happened last on Saturday, September 22, at 7am after an altercation between the DKBA commander and the villager. The DKBA platoon commander, Saw Nay Rock, (also known as Saw Kyaw Wah) from the DKBA’s Battalion 909 had ordered Saw Du Du to use his vehicle to transport him and his men.

A local resident who witnessed the incident (who asked not to be named for security reasons) told Karen News.

“The DKBA unit asked Saw Du Du to transport them using his vehicle. Saw Du Du was trying to fill his tyres with air when the platoon commander lost his temper and shot at the wheel. Unfortunately, Saw Du Du was shot in his calf.”

Saw Du Du’s calf bone was confirmed broken by the hospital in Umphang District in Tak Province Thailand.

Karen News tried to get the DKBA’s comments on the shooting, but by time of publication its soldiers would only say they did not know of the incident.

Lt. Colonel Saw Eh Poe is in charge of Battalion 909 that operates in the area of Htee Te Leh, Paw Pler Hta, Klaw War, Kaw Hser, Ler Gaw, and Au Poe Hta villages where the shooting incident took place.

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