KNU reappoints dismissed leaders

The Karen Nation Union’s Central Standing Committee released a statement following its emergency meeting held on October 25-26th that it had reappointed its recently dismissed leaders.

The KNU meeting was attended by 40 Central Standing Committee and Central Standing Committee Candidates(CSCC) members and resolved the differences between the two factions that have recently emerged that threatened to divide the KNU and de-rail ‘peace talks’ with the government.

The KNU joint secretary, Major Saw Hla Ngwe, told Karen News.

“There will never be an end to the discussion on the leaders dismissal because each side claims they are right. We decided to reappoint the three leaders to their old position to strengthen our unity and for them to continue their original duties until KNU’s 15th Congress.”

Major Saw Hla Ngwe said that KNU leaders compromised on their respective positions and shown respect for Karen civilians desire for unity in the organisation.

The KNU statement said it had resolved the problem of “weaknesses” that had arisen within the organization, through consultation and under the guidance and the leadership of the KNU, all the participants of the meeting agreed to march on, in accordance with the basic principles and policies of the KNU.

Padoh Mahn Nyein Maung, the KNU Central Committee member said.

“All Karen people were worried over the KNU’s internal problems. We decided to focus on the organization’s long-term plans after an overview of the recent argument.”

Padoh Mahn Nyein Maung said it is likely the KNU will hold a Central Committee meeting on November 31st and the KNU 15th congress could be held in the last week of November.

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