Family of Karen refugee woman killed by cattle truck compensated

Thai police have decided that the family of a Karen refugee killed in a road accident will be paid 235,000 baht compensation by the truck driver responsible for the woman’s death last week.

Mae La refugee camp officials said Thai police have now settled the case and the truck owner involved in the incident that killed the woman will pay compensation.

Saw Maung Nyunt, leader of Section B-3 of the refugee camp where the dead woman lived, told Karen News that the police station at Mae Tang – a nearby Thai town – made the decision that the car owner will have to pay compensation to the family of Naw Ma Pwa, 40, who was killed in the accident.

“According to the decision made by the local Thai police at Mae Tang station, the car owner has to pay the total amount of 235,000 baht to the victim’s family. At the moment, the car owner has only paid 35,000 baht to the family.”

The accident occurred on Thursday September 6, when Naw Ma Pwa tried to cross the car road that runs along the side of the camp and was hit by a six-wheeled truck carrying buffalos and cows.

Saw Ah Mu, a security officer at Mae La refugee camp told Karen News that there are at least a couple of accidents each year involving vehicles, but this is the first time that compensation has gone over a hundred thousand baht.

“In the past, there have been car accident that have caused injury or even death, but the victims have never received compensation as much as was paid this time.”

Naw Ma Pwa, leaves behind her husband, two sons and two daughters.

Naw Ma Pwa case was assisted by the Legal Assistance Center project that is jointly run by the United Nation High Commission for Refugees and the International Rescue Committee.

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