KNU wants relocation of Burma Army high on peace-talk agenda

The Karen National Union (KNU) and the Burma Government announced today that they have agreed on the dates and location for the third round of their ‘peace-talk’ negotiation. The two parties finally agreed to meet in Hpan-an, Karen State on September 3rd and 4th after the Burma Government had earlier postponed the ‘peace-talks’ that were originally scheduled for August 27th to 29th.

The KNU said in an official media statement it was disappointed that the Government’s representatives had confirmed the talks were off.

“The Karen National Union considers each step in the ceasefire negotiation process to be an opportunity to build trust between the parties. Such trust is essential to implement any ceasefire agreement. Therefore the Karen National Union calls upon the Government to move forward with the negotiations in a way that will build confidence and trust between the parties.”

The KNU have said the on-again third-round negotiations “will focus on the guarantee of safety for civilians and the building of trust progressively at every level of the negotiations.”

The KNU said in a statement today that the peace-talk meeting will also specifically look at two other items in the negotiations – “1) the systematic relocation of Burma Army soldiers from Karen State and, 2) a Code of Conduct, that was drafted by the KNU and submitted to the Burma Government for discussion.”

The KNU said in its official statement released today that “the endeavor to achieve a lasting peace after decades of armed conflicts and political disputes will be possible through the participation and support of all concerned parties and stakeholders.”

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