Kachin women’s group accuses Burma Army of rape

The Kachin Women’s Association Thailand have accused Burma Army soldiers of raping a 48-year-old Kachin mother of 12 children in early on May.

Moon Nay Li, a coordinator with KWAT said that the rape case happened when Burma Army soldiers from Light Infantry Battalion 347 and Infantry Battalion 118 entered Luk Pi (Lupi) village in Chipwi Township, randomly firing their weapons into the residential area and began to arrest villagers in their houses.

“She [the mother] didn’t flee to the forest side as she thought she would be safe hiding in the church. But the soldiers entered the church, found the woman and beat her on the body and head with their guns. Later the soldiers raped the woman inside the church.”

Moon Nay Li says that there are witnesses who saw the soldiers rape the woman.

Moon Nay Li told Karen News.

“The soldiers held the woman captive and didn’t give her any food for two days. The woman passed out. Our field researcher contacted us about the woman’s plight on May 6 and we organized help for her and started to collect evidence.”

Moon Nay Li says the raped mother is badly traumatized by the attack.

“As soon as the soldiers left, local people sent her to the hospital for treatment and care. She is very afraid now she has been discharged from the hospital. The woman is suffering mental and physical trauma. She is very upset and unable to focus.”

Moon Nay Li urged the Burma government and the international community to take action and stop the abuse of men, women and children.

“For women who are living in this insecure environment it is traumatic. The government has to stop the violence against women.”

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