CEASEFIRE: KNU wants to hear expert advice and Karen voices on ‘peacetalks’

The Karen National Union (KNU) made public decisions at an emergency meeting by its Central Committee this week about recent and future ‘peace talks’ with the Burma government.

The KNU emergency meeting, held at a secret location in Karen State was attended by a total of 38 representatives, 35 Central Committee members and three specially invited representatives.

The KNU statement noted that in regard to the ceasefire talks with the Burma government its representatives on decided five key points.

These were – “1. Discussions between the KNU and the Burmese (Myanmar) government on the matter relating to ceasefire will be continued. 2. For building trust in the interest of ceasefire, dialogues and discussions will be undertaken on the matter of reduction/pulling out and positioning of Burmese government troops in the KNU areas. 3. For the effectiveness and smooth progress of negotiation, the KNU will seek the advice of experts. 4. The KNU will seek suggestions of the Karen people, inside and outside of the country, and encourage more participation of women in the negotiation process. 5. For the achievement of national (ethnic) equality and self-determination, the KNU will work together with the ethnic nationality forces, at the stage of political dialogue and negotiation.”

The KNU its statement concluded that it, “would like to state that in negotiation with the Burmese government, the KNU would strive ceaselessly for the establishment of durable peace, based on national equality and self-determination rights, after the establishment of a durable ceasefire.”

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