Government keeps eye on Karen Peace Committee

The Pa’an Town based Karen Peace Committee has come under government scrutiny under after they met with Karen National Union leaders about ceasefire talks held at the Thai Burma border in early December according to local sources.

A member from a Pa’an based charity told Karen News.
“U Aung Thaung (former Minister of Industrial No.1) asked questions of one of the KPC member about their previous meeting with the KNU.”

The KPC confirmed to Karen News that a government authority had questioned them, but did not want to reveal the name of the authority and denied rumours that their group had been pressured or threatened.

“They [government authority] came to one of our committee members after the KNU meeting. But they did not make any threats or put pressure on us.”

The KPC offered to mediate in any future ‘Peace Talks’ for the KNU.

Karen people from inside and oversea have offered support to KPC for meeting with any organization that is trying to build peace in the state.

A Karen monk form India said.

“We are walking peaceful path. We must support the KPC as much as we can because it is the talking in an appropriate way to build peace in the Karen community before we talk with the government.”

A Karen from the Yangon region told Karen News that he is delighted to hear a about meeting between the KPC and the KNU.

KPC is a small organization with nine leaders and based in Pa-an, its aim is to bring unity and peace to the different segments of the Karen community.

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