Burma army enforces night curfew – issues shoot-to-kill orders

Villagers say Burma Army units operating in the Amo in Palaw Township of Tenasserim Division area have imposed a night curfew order on local villagers in the area, beginning on December 7th.

The order was issued by the Burma Army Tactical Operation Command #3, led by Commander Colonel Soe Min Htay and based in the Amo area. The Commander summoned all villagers from Hsin Phyu Dine to Mae Talid village, near the Thai border and ordered them not to leave their villages from sunset to sunrise.

A local villager who attended the meeting told Karen News that the Commander explained to them that if any person left the village after the curfew time they would be shot-on-sight.

“It was TOC #3 Commander Colonel Soe Min Htay and 405 Battaion Commander Major Zaw Paing Oo who imposed the night curfew on us – it is from 6:00PM to 6:00AM. The Commanders told us that if they see anyone outside the village during those times, they will shot dead and the army will not take any responsibility.”

A civilian from Amo village (who asked not to be named) said that all villagers who work in their farms overnight now have to return to their villages before dark.

A source close to the Burma military said that the night curfew imposed in Amo area could be linked to the Dawei deep sea port project that is part of the US$60 billion mega Tavoy (Dawei) Development Project. The project includes a deep-sea port, a giant industrial zone, roads, railways, transmission lines and oil and gas pipelines.

In recent weeks, there have been clashes between Burma Army troops under TOC #3 and led by Colonel Soe Min Htay and the Karen National Liberation Army 4th Brigade operating in the area.

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