Burma Army bomb civilians out of their village

The humanitarian organization, Committee of Internally Displaced Karen People, say the Burma Army bombed and shelled residents from their Khaw T’Khaw village, east of the Thoutyaykhat River in Tandaung Township.

According to a CIDKP member, the Burma Army Infantry Battalion 92 and Light Infantry Battalion 603 shelled the village after fighting between government troops and Karen National Liberation Army fighters near Khaw T’Khaw village in early October. The CIDKP spokesperson told Karen News.

“It was raining all day. The villagers had to flee the constant shelling. They could not bring any of their foodstuff, clothes, blankets and they were without shelter in the rain. These people face a tough time in the jungle. Some are sick and a long way from help.”

Villagers say the Burma Army, after shelling the village; soldiers broke into villagers’ houses and stole money, food and destroyed roofs and the floors of the houses. The also thrashed the village church.

Villagers told Karen News the displacement had come at a bad time.

“It is our harvest season and we need to work very hard everyday to get our crops in. But how can we work in this kind of situation. We already face many problems this year with the floods. We worry for our survival this year.”

At least 1,600 civilians from nine villages east of the Thoutyaykhat River are being restricted by the Burma Army operation and are unable to travel to their farms or leave the relative safety of their jungle hiding places.

At the time of writing it is difficult getting news from the conflict zone and Karen News is unable to confirm if villagers’ are able to return to their village.

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