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KUPC meeting

Karen Groups To Hold National Conference On Politics, Arms And Unity

April 22, 2014  • 

Karen political and community groups representing Karen communities from across Burma will hold a Karen National Convention in 2014 to discuss the cooperation between Karen armed organisations and political parties in ensuring there is unity going into the future. The Karen Unity and Peace Committee (KUPC) held a meeting on April 10 in Pyin Oo Lwin... Read more ►

Mi Kayin mountain

Cement Factory Raises New Fears of Land Confiscation and Pollution

April 22, 2014  • 

Residents of Mi Kayin village, Hpa-an, Karen State, are once again united to oppose a proposed cement factory planned to be built near their village by the Myanmar Ji Dong Cement Company Limited. Saw Nyan Win, a Mi Kayin villager said in an interview with Karen News that residents are planning to take their opposition to the proposal to build a cem... Read more ►

Nurses busy attending patients

250 Karen State Villagers Suffer Food Poisoning From Water Festival Donation

April 22, 2014  • 

Villagers celebrating the New Year Water festival ended up in hospital after eating special fragrant rice. More than 200 villagers from Paw Baw Kho village, in Myawaddy Township, Karen State were admitted to Myawaddy Hospital’s intensive care unit suffering from food poisoning. The mass poisoning happened after villagers ate specially prepared fr... Read more ►

Farmers from disputed land at meeting

MP Granted Land Concession – Villagers Demand Parliament Settle Dispute

April 2, 2014  • 

More than 130 villagers from 20 villages in Hlaingbwe and Hpa-An Township signed a petition letter and sent to the state parliament demanding a solution to the dispute over farmland that was granted concession to businessman for a rubber plantation. Daw Nan Say Awa, a member of parliament from the Pyithu Hluttaw [House of Representatives], Karen St... Read more ►


Farmers Compensated For Land Loss To Asia Highway

March 16, 2014  • 

Burma’s government and the Thai company involved in the construction of the Asia Highway have paid compensation to landowners affected by the construction, but some landowners have claimed that they did not receive the compensation that the authorities initially promised. The landowners had their land damaged by the building of the highway betwee... Read more ►

Gen Baw Kyaw Heh


March 14, 2014  • 

General Baw Kyaw Heh, the Karen National Liberation Army’s vice-chief-of-staff, in an exclusive question and answer interview with Karen News discussed the consequences of mega- development projects, hydro-dams, armed conflict, corruption, the current ceasefire, peace talks and the militarization of Burma. Why are you opposed to a dam? Many reaso... Read more ►

Mae La camp road

International Women’s Day – Refugees Show Fear and Hope

March 8, 2014  • 

Women from the largest refugee camp in Thailand’s express their concerns and dreams as the world marks international women’s day. Naw Kaw, 44, a mother of three and a Karen refugee, sits down, shielding her face from the midday sun. She has been in Mae La refugee camp for two decades. She fled Burma after being used by the Burma Army as forced ... Read more ►


KWO Want Burma Census Postponed

March 5, 2014  • 

The Karen Women Organization (KWO) has called for the postponement of Burma’s nationwide census, scheduled to run this month, until the data classifications are deemed appropriate to ethnic groups and the political situation in the country is stable. Naw K’nyaw Paw, general secretary of KWO told Karen News that all its senior representative... Read more ►

Lonnya mountain

Residents Fight $500m Cement Factory Proposal

March 5, 2014  • 

Residents from Lun-Nya village area, in Hpa-an Township voiced their opposition to a proposed cement factory planned for their area, over concerns that it could endanger their health and fears that they would receive no compensation. As many as 300 villagers raised their concerns at the meeting attended by representatives from Ultra Tech’s Ce... Read more ►

KNU and Govt census meeting

KNU Urge Gov’t To Use Karen Teachers For Census Survey

February 24, 2014  • 

Karen National Union officials have proposed the government use local based teachers as data collectors when the planned census is conducted in KNU control areas. KNU officials in Dooplaya district told Karen News that they have proposed to the Karen State Census Committee to use local teachers in Dooplaya district for the census. The proposal was... Read more ►