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Minister Agrees Local Should Be Compensated For Confiscated Land

February 12, 2015  • 

Hpa-an residents who lost their 40 acres of land to a construction project in town’s industrial zone want compensation from the government for the loss of their rubber plantations. Saw Khant Win Aung, had his land confiscated for the construction, said that on January 25, the Karen State Chief Minister, U Zaw Min, visited the project site and sai... Read more ►

KNLA soldiers on parade (Photo: Karen News)

KNU Leader Calls For Unity On Karen Resistance Day Ceremony

January 30, 2015  • 

Karen people have started to make their annual pilgrimage to the Karen National Liberation Army 7th Brigade’s headquarter in Hpa-an district to commemorate the 66th Anniversary of the beginning of its resistance against the former Burma military regime. The Karen Resistance Day falls on 31st January and is celebrated every year in Karen National ... Read more ►

Htee Klow Thaw School

Karen Community Groups Build School for Remote Villagers

January 26, 2015  • 

Primary school students from Htee Klo Thaw village in Hlaingbwe Township will be starting the 2015 academic year in a new school. The Karen Community Based Network Group is finalizing the school construction project to have it ready for the students. The KCBNG, are based in the East Dawna Ranges, began its school construction project in November 20... Read more ►

Camp pop verification

UNHCR and Thai Govt Plan to Verify and Record Refugee Populations on the Thai-Burma Border

January 19, 2015  • 

The United Nation High Commission for Refugees and the Thai Ministry of Interior are planning a joint exercise to verify refugee population in the nine camps along the Thai-Burma border in January, according to sources from camp service providers. Saw Robert Htwe, chairperson of the Karen Refugee Committee confirmed to Karen News about the planned... Read more ►

DKBA troop on parade at Karen New Year and DKBA day ceremony

Thousands Celebrate Karen New Year and DKBA Day

December 25, 2014  • 

As many as 2,000 people joined the celebration of Karen New Year of 2754 and the Democratic Karen Benevolent Army’s 20th formation day that was organized at DKBA’s Sone Si Myaing headquarter in Karen State. Karen villagers, representatives from political parties, Karen State government officials and civil society groups attended the Karen New Y... Read more ►

Myanmar Hidden War

Harvard Report Finds Burma Army Guilty of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ in Karen State

December 21, 2014  • 

A report by the Harvard Law School’s International Human Rights Clinic, has found the Burma Army guilty of ‘war crimes’ constituting ‘crimes against humanity’ in Karen State. The result of a four-year investigation, the report said there was ample evidence of government forces committing human rights abuses including the torture, rape and... Read more ►

ThanDaung Gyi IMG_8007

State Chief Minister Claims Govt Will Spend 80million kyat To Improve Drinking Water in Thandaung Gyi Township

December 17, 2014  • 

During a conference for tourism representatives, the Karen State Chief Minister said the state government would spend 80million kyat to solve the insufficient drinking water problems facing Thandaung Gyi Township in Karen State. Thandaung Gyi Township representative, Saw Taw Palae, said the Chief Minister of the state responded to do a request made... Read more ►

English class openning

US Embassy Launch English Access Scholarship Program in Hpa-an

December 11, 2014  • 

With the support of the US Embassy in Myanmar, a two-year English Access Micro scholarship Program was recently launched in Hpa-an. The opening ceremony took place at Thumaydarama Kyartawya School in Hpa-an on December 04, 2014. Local teachers pleased with the new scholarship said that the project would help local children to learn English. “The ... Read more ►

Karen Parties allaince meeting

Karen Political Parties Form Alliance In Lead-Up To 2015 Election

November 28, 2014  • 

To increase their respective chances at the 2015 elections three Karen political parties have agreed to work together to avoid unnecessary competition between them at the polls. The three Karen political parties, the Karen State Democracy and Development Party (KSDDP), the Karen Democratic Party (KDP) and the Kayin People’s Party (KPP) formalized... Read more ►

Hla Ka Myin population verification for 2015 election

Voter Verification – Hla Ka Myin Village, Hpa-an Township Getting Ready For 2015 Election

November 24, 2014  • 

A Hla Ka Myin village leader is determined that the population of voting aged people in his area are verified and ready to vote in the 2015 Election in Karen State. The village elder, Saw Htay Kyaw Myo, told Karen News that he began the verification process on November 13, 2014. “In gathering data, the first and most crucial thing we will look at... Read more ►