KNLA Forces Junta Retreat from Two Bases in Mutraw

Resistance forces, led by the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), the armed wing of KNU, have compelled the retreat of Junta forces stationed at Lekalaykyo and Kyulu bases and obstructed the Military Council troops' marching and logistic routes.

The Mutraw District newsletter published on February 14th reported that the Military Council had abandoned two bases within Mutraw (Hpapun) District, under the control of the Karen National Union’s (KNU) 5th Brigade.

On February 10th, the troops of the Military Council’s 349th Light Infantry Battalion withdrew from the Lekalaykyo base, and the following day soldiers stationed in Kyulu relocated to the Mawphu tactical command base, where they regrouped.

According to the monthly report published in the Mutraw District newsletter, 89 clashes occurred within the territory of the 5th Brigade in January, resulting in 41 Junta forces being killed and 41 injured.

The effective blockades by KNLA and joint forces had also led to an increase in the number of soldiers abandoning their positions and surrendering. The KNU reported that currently, KNLA and joint resistance forces continue to encircle and attack Mawphu tactical command base where the Junta troops have regrouped.

Lekalaykyo base has been in existence since 1997, while Kyulu has served as a Myanmar Military base since 2007.

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