34 Houses in Nyaunglebin Reduced to Ashes by Junta Shelling

34 houses were destroyed by the Junta’s heavy shelling , with additional damage to other houses and several monasteries In Kler Lwee Htoo (Nyaunglebin) District, the territory of the 3rd Brigade of the Karen National Union (KNU).

The 307th Light Infantry Battalion and 264th Infantry Battalion were responsible for the shelling, according to the KNU who stated that dozens of residential houses suffered damage from the firing of over 100 artillery shells spanning a 4-day period.

According to the KNU’s statement, on February 21st, arbitrary shelling by the 264th Infantry Battalion stationed in Pein Za Loke Township resulted in the destruction of several houses in Choninn and Taungkhin villages, along with damage to a Buddhist monastery.

On February 22nd, the artillery rounds fired by the 307th Light Infantry Battalion, stationed in Shwegyin Township, inflicted damage on Natthankwin Township. After that the Junta troops used drones to bombard nearby villages, resulting in the destruction of houses and cattle barns.

On February 23rd and 24th, Junta troops targeted Natthankwin again, unleashing a total of 67 artillery rounds, which led to the additional destruction of homes belonging to local people.

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